Check out the most hilarious reactions to Roll-N-Roaster changing its fries


Retro fast food Roll-N-Roaster in Sheepshead Bay has really pissed off its Brooklyn faithful. Known for serving its famous round “cottage” fries, the restaurant announced the instagram last week that it was moving away from the staple amid supply chain issues and would now sell “new, fun, crispier and even tastier fries”. The news was met with dismay, to say the least.

People took to social media to decry the change, specifically calling out the restaurant’s fries supplier, Lamb Weston. A fan of the original fries even launched a petition to urge Weston to “bring home the fries!”

The petition also mentions the JG Melon restaurant on the Upper East Side, another destination that works with Weston, which discontinued similar fries for the same reason.

“Two of New York’s favorite late-night stops have abruptly removed their signature home fries from their menu,” reads the petition. “Supplier of Lamb Weston fries has halted production due to supply chain issues, leaving thousands of New Yorkers feeling in the dump. We’re asking Lamb Weston to start producing our beloved fries again!”

You might want to laugh, but it looks like the change has really affected people in the city, including the 372 people who have already signed up for the appeal online and people who have taken to Twitter to express their despair.

Below, find a compilation of some of the most amazing tweets about the event.


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