Chandigarh: Modern food street will replace old Sector 15 restaurant market, says Commissioner Mitra


The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has decided to create a modern food street to replace an old restaurant market in Sector 15, civic body commissioner Anindita Mitra said on Friday.

Mitra paid a visit to Sector 15 on Friday, during which she provided an update on various development works going on in the area and addressed the issues of residents in the area. During its inspection, Mitra also found that the area had waterlogging issues and ordered company officials to increase road gullies.

“We will transform the catering market into a modern food street and ensure proper waste management. The area has a major waterlogging problem due to slope issues. To remedy this, we will reinforce the road ravines. There have been a lot of complaints about unauthorized vendors occupying space allocated to authorized vendors,” she said in an interview with The Indian Express.

The Friday Mitra tour began at 6:30 a.m. and was the third such “walking” tour for the commissioner, accompanied by a team of engineers.
The tour started from a roadside park in Sector 15, where the commissioner asked engineers from the civic body’s horticultural wing to properly maintain the park and prepare estimates for its landscaping. .

Regarding the issue of black spots at the underpass from Sector 15 to Sector 11, the commissioner asked the engineers to quickly resolve the problem. She also said that she would check and if the domain is under the purview of the UT administration, she would raise the issue with the administrator and ensure a prompt resolution.

The commissioner then proceeded to visit the site of the vendors’ area in Sector 15 and, at the complaint of local residents, ordered the relevant officers to verify the vendors’ licenses, while ordering that no unauthorized peddlers be be permitted to occupy space on the Sellers site. She also asked officials to ensure that the parking of vehicles at the vendor’s site is managed efficiently.

Mitra then went to the old sector 15 oil depot, where she instructed engineers to remove illegal encroachments and not allow any unauthorized vendors into the depot during the evening. She also asked officials to remove encroachments near the Sampark Center and properly maintain the park in the area and surrounding areas.

The commissioner, officials said, also instructed the chief engineer to properly maintain the Sector 15 park’s athletic track, so that dust from it does not kick up and spread. in the zone. Area residents also raised the issue of installing a guardrail in neighborhood parks, 6 feet from the road, so that vehicles can be parked consistently.


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