Cape Beverage Partners with Rectified Spirits to Distribute Fishtown Iced Tea in New Jersey


CAP MAY, New Jersey – Cape Beverage Distributing is delighted to announce the addition of Rectified Spirits Fishtown Iced Tea to its portfolio of brands. This flagship offering is a delicious, ready-to-drink beverage that debuted as a popular on-the-go cocktail in Philadelphia during the height of the pandemic.

“We are pleased to have Fishtown Iced Tea on board with us here at Cape Beverage,” said Ryan Krill, CEO of Cape Beverage. “It has great flavor – there is a blend of four different spirits to enjoy alongside the pleasant lemon tea flavors which makes this brand stand out among a sea of ​​unique spirit offerings.”

Designed to be poured over ice or enjoyed from a cold can, Fishtown Iced Tea is a hard, 9% alcohol spirit-based tea made with vodka, tequila, rum and triple sec. It will be available in 12-ounce cans throughout New Jersey starting Monday, July 11.

“We love the local history of this brand, and Rectified Spirits has really managed to capture the spirit of the namesake cocktail with this ready-to-drink canned version,” says Alicia Grasso, Marketing Director of Cape Beverage. “It’s been a hit with locals for years now, and we can’t wait for more people to enjoy it.”

Originally a cocktail invented at the Interstate Drafthouse in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood in 2012, Fishtown Iced Tea sports a logo reminiscent of its early days as a blend of spirits poured into a can of Arctic Splash iced tea. The team at Rectified Spirits used real tea extract and natural lemon flavor to replicate Arctic Splash’s signature flavors, and the can logo is designed by local Pennsylvania artist Jeff Kilpatrick.

“Rectified Spirits, Fishtown Iced Tea and Cape Beverage – three related independent spirits join forces to bring our locally produced, fun and tasty ready-to-drink canned version of Philly’s favorite Fishtown Iced Tea to our friends and neighbors in the garden .state,” says John Logan and Bob Ritchie of Rectified Spirits. “On the beach, on a boat, or in the backyard. . . we can’t help but feel like this is the start of something big!

Starting Monday, July 11, Fishtown Iced Tea will be distributed throughout New Jersey in 12-ounce cans.


Founded in 2019, Cape Beverage offers brand experience, dedication, knowledge and direction to all 21 counties of New Jersey. Building on Cape May Brewing Company’s nine years of successful self-distribution, Cape Beverage’s team of committed and enthusiastic sales managers are constantly on the ground, providing friendly, quality service to every retailer. Each bar, restaurant and retail store is supported and engaged in a successful Sampling Program led by a dedicated Sales Assistant and managed by a team of knowledgeable, outgoing, locally based Brand Ambassadors throughout New Jersey.


Rectified Spirits LLC was founded by Philadelphia native John Logan together with his friend and high school classmate, Bob Ritchie, former co-owner of the Interstate Drafthouse in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Rectified Spirits and Fishtown Iced Tea share a mission to bring flavor and enjoyment to the local social scene from Kensington to Cape May and everywhere in between. The flagship offering, Fishtown Iced Tea, is a delicious ready-to-drink spirits alternative to the malt-flavored infusions and seltzer tea that have saturated the market in recent years. Crafted by John and Bob and a few close friends in a modest Southwest Philadelphia production space, each box of Fishtown Iced Tea is crisp and delicious with just the right kick, delivering the delicious blend of vodka, rum, tequila , triple sec and sweet lemony tea that has made Fishtown Iced Tea a Philadelphia favorite for years. Guys like to say they like their twisted pretzels, not their tea.

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