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On several hundred acres in Hollister, old barrels of wine lie in the sun, the wood aging like the vintages it once contained.

“People love the old-fashioned, rustic look,” says Brian Preetz, founder of Barrel Dreams, headquartered in Campbell.

The Hollister Ranch is used to store the barrels that the Preetz Company rents for use as cocktail tables at corporate events, weddings and more.

“Events in wine barrels add a lot of uniqueness,” he says.

They can also have entertainment value. At a Google business team building event, employees took off their shoes, stepped on barrels, and stomped on grapes.

“There were thousands of people at this event,” Preetz says. “People said we were entertaining, fun and partying. “

Events represent about a third of the business of Barrel Dreams, which has been around for about 15 years. The rest of their income comes from turning wine barrels into household items.

“We take old wine barrels and make benches, chairs, dog beds, bistro tables and bar stools,” Preetz explains. “We make over 50 items from these barrels. “

Preetz buys thousands of barrels at a time from wineries that decommission them. He says the barrels have a useful life of around four years when it comes to storing and aging wine.

While some barrels come from vineyards in France, Italy and Hungary, Preetz also has local connections.

“We work with some of the largest wineries in the country,” he says. “Joel Gott Vineyard in Napa Valley is perhaps one of the greatest wineries in the world.”

Barrel Dreams retail space is located at 1249 Dell Ave., Suite B. For more information, visit


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