Bad credit loan online -Good online loans bad credit: consider us for fast cash 

Bad credit loan online -Good online loans bad credit: consider us for fast cash 

December 18, 2019 0 By admin

Getting financing for a small business is easier than you imagine. If you prepare and organize well to show that you know what you need and have the ability to meet payments, you are likely to succeed.

Good online loans bad credit: you might consider us if you want cash fast

Determined to take the big step of seeking financing? We share the strategies to request a good online loan bad credit.

It is not about academic qualifications. From the point of view of the banker, there is a formula known as that of the 5 C’s to obtain commercial credit; These are the ability to pay, character, capital, collateral, and economic conditions. The 5C’s refer to aspects that financial institutions take into account when verifying your credit application. Knowing and reaching them all will pave the way:

  1. Ability to pay – It is the most important aspect; You must clearly state how you will repay the loan you are requesting. In that sense, your payment history as an individual is an indicator of par excellence.
  2. Character – Checking that you are reliable is vital. Bring your credentials, your preparation and experience in the field to the table. Also include information about your work team.
  3. Capital – Attest to your strength and determination by assuming financial risk (by investing your own money in the company). That is a good sign for the bank.
  4. Collateral or guarantee – Prove that you have a “plan b” to meet the payments of that loan in the event that the cash flow of the business is insufficient.
  5. Economic conditions – No missteps. You must understand that the banking officer will also analyze the economic environment and the conditions of the industry that would affect the business you intend to open.

Those 5 C’s are deployed through your Commercial Credit Proposal; A document that serves as a letter of introduction to the institution and poses from the amount of money you need to support your business, to how you are going to meet the payments. First, summarize the reason why you are asking for financing and write down the characteristics that highlight your company from others. Then introduce yourself, show who you are and those who support you. Make the history of your business and your plans and include business references. It incorporates income statements and – always realistically – expenses, benefits, and cash flow statements for three years. Show your commercial and personal financial statements. Set the amount you need and the terms to pay.

There are options, choose yours

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There are a variety of commercial credit products: there are short and long term loans, with different terms of maturity that you should consider. The short term ones are approximately one year; while long-term loans are in terms of more than one year.

There are revolving lines of credit that provide access to funds for operating capital or unforeseen business needs. Likewise, there are non-rotating credit lines, whose balances must be balances usually within a month, for specific business purposes, such as construction. There are corporate and business credit cards.

Small Business Administration (SBA) help

Surely you have heard of this agency created by the Federal Government to help small and medium businesses. SBA offers a series of guarantee programs to enable banks to grant credit to businesses that do not meet any requirements.

Depending on the types of SBA funds, this is the guarantee percentage offered to future entrepreneurs to present themselves to the banking institution. Depending on the type of fund, SBA guarantees 50%, 75%, 85% and up to 95% of the total loan.