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Calcutta: Sales at various bars and restaurants had started to decline from December 31 due to the surge in Covid cases. Sales fell further on January 3, the first day of restrictions on bars and restaurants, where attendance was 30 to 50% lower than on December 24 and 25. Under the night restriction rules, bars, restaurants and clubs are allowed to operate at 50% capacity until 10 p.m.
East India Hotel and Restaurant Association president Sudesh Poddar pointed out that on the first day of the restrictions, there was a huge drop in sales. Poddar, the owner of Songhai, Manthan and MS Bar and Lounge, said there had been a 40% drop in sales in the past two or three days. “There were very fewer people and we are also operating at 50% capacity,” he added. Former FHRAI National President and owner of the Walson Hotel and Xrong Place, TS Walia, said, “For us, the government has come up with the best possible solutions. Waldorf Moulin Rouge owner Charles Mantosh has seen sales decline since last Friday. “There has been a 50% to 60% drop now from peak Christmas sales. The state government should now consider tax breaks for us, ”he said. Debaditya Chaudhury, Director of Chowman, Oudh 1590 & Chapter 2, said, “Our dinner is facing a downturn due to increased cases and restrictions. However, our delivery service helped keep us at par. Amina Director Kabir Azhar said: “On December 24 and 25, attendance was very high while online sales were low. But from January 1, the opposite occurs.
Nitin Kothari, owner of Peter Cat, Mocambo and Peter Hu, said: “There is a marginal decline in sales. The impact is not that bad for us ”


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