Asking Bartenders – Popular Sparkling Wine Cocktails


Ask the Bartenders – What’s the most popular sparkling wine cocktail you make?

After interviewing a variety of bartenders around the world, I’ve compiled a more comprehensive list of what the most popular sparkling wine cocktails really are.

It seems that no matter where you are in the world, there are 3 commonly enjoyed sparkling wine cocktails that keep coming up, the Aperol Spritz, the French 75 and the Mimosa.

1st place – Aperol Spritz

Initially, the original Spritz cocktail was created in Veneto in the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that still wine was replaced by Prosecco.

35ml Aperol, 60ml Prosecco, a splash of sparkling water and garnished with a slice of orange or olive. It is normally served over ice in a lowball or wine glass.

2nd Place – French 75

30 ml of gin, 15 ml of lemon juice, 2 dashes of simple syrup, 60 ml of champagne, garnished with a zest of lemon, and finally drop a cube of sugar (normally brown sugar) or observe the reaction in the glass of the champagne flute.

The French 75 predates the First World War, with a similar recipe probably created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris, now renamed Harry’s New York Bar.

“The suit was said to have such a kick that it felt like being bombarded with the mighty French 75mm field gun.”

The original cocktail consisted of champagne, sugar, lemon juice and ice, it was in the 1920s that gin was added, creating the first modern French 75.

The Cocktail first appeared on the big screen in the 1942 film Casablanca and is mentioned twice in John Wayne’s films A Man Betrayed (1941) and Jet Pilot (1957).

3rd place – Mimosa

75 ml of champagne and 75 ml of orange juice, sometimes garnished with a cherry, a strawberry, a slice/twist of orange and sometimes a drop of grenadine are added. Served in a champagne flute.

The Mimosa is very often enjoyed with a delicious elegant Brunch, a wonderful combination of an orange juice at breakfast and a glass of Champagne in the middle of the afternoon. You can also often find this cocktail at weddings, as a passenger on planes or railways.

Mimosa is very similar to Buck’s Fizz, which was invented in London in 1921, the only difference is that mimosa has an equal part of champagne and orange juice, as Buck’s Fizz uses 2 parts champagne and 1 part of orange juice.

The name Mimosa is derived from the yellow-flowered mimosa plant, Acacia dealbata. We’re not sure when the Cocktail was first created, but it was first called ‘Champagne Orange’.

Apparently Queen Elizabeth II was one to enjoy a mimosa or two, it is said Earl Mountbatten of Burma presented the cocktail to the Queen after her visit to the south of France.

Survey results

Aperol Spritz – 35.5%
French 75 – 15%
Mimosa – 12.5%
Royal Kir – 10%
Bellini – 10%
Hugo Spritz – 7.5%

French 125 – 2.5%
Flicker – 2.5%
Bahama Sparkling – 2.5%
Rossini and Bellini – 2.5%
Negroni Sbagliato – 2.5%

The bartender’s comments

Enjoy a glass of champagne at a London rooftop bar

You can see what all the bartenders have to say personally about the most popular sparkling wine cocktails, some just give simple and straightforward answers, and some go into a little more detail.

So here are the answers to all the bartenders I’ve personally interviewed. With their bars and their country.


Good morning! Yes of course! I would say Aperol spritz now in summer with sparkling wine and Old Cuban with champagne 🍾 – Bruno Gattino – Bartender at Cahoots, London

We have in our place a twist on French 75 or Aperol Spritz. I would say they are the main way we use sparkling wine. – Mattia Cavola – Senior bartender at Inception Group, London

Hello Oliver, Of ​​course the classic section will be Aperol Spritz, French 125 and Twinkle (the last two are on our list). – Lara Tosato – Senior bartender at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

Hi Oliver. Especially with this heat, we undoubtedly make the Aperol Spritz as the best seller of sparkling wine cocktails – Bernardo Pinheiro – Head Bartender at Eastcheap Records


It’s the Aperol Spritz. It’s very refreshing and has a very bittersweet spiciness profile about it. – Zayne Osbourne – Bartender at the Radisson (in Dubai Damac Hills)

Yes of course. Kir Royale, Bellini, Cocktail Campaign, Aperol Spritz, North End, Paris Sunset – Friday Edogiawerie – Bartender, Mixologist

Yes of course. Basically, we go for classic cocktails when it comes to sparkling wine. – Wilfred Menezes – Bartender at Rumba Cuban Bar and Kitchen

Kir Royal / Mimosa – Sharif Elqattan – Mixologist at St. Regis Downtown

Thank you for contacting us. Since I work in a beach bar, we mainly sell cheesy Aperol Spritz and Bellinis, as well as our own sparkling wine cocktails. – Argen Zhanykulov – Bartender on February 30

Rosini and Bellini – Leslie Misango – Barman in Carnadubai by Dario Cecchini

Hi Oliver. Congratulations on your article! Well.. in my experience 2 cocktails take the lead on this issue. The French 75 & Aperol Spritz. Plus, I have my own sparkling cocktails. Good luck. – carlos ponce – Mixologist

The cocktail is Aperol spirits. Sparkling wine, Aperol and sparkling water – Collins Nganda – Bartender LSB – LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL JBR

Hi, of course. French 75 – Danilo LaMonica – Head bartender press The Arts Club Dubai

Gotta be the Hugo cocktail with Atto Primo Prosecco – Jonathan (Miranda) Jensen – Senior Bartender at Salmon Guru Dubai #24 of the World’s 50 Best Bars

I would say Bellini although there is a bit like Kir Royale, Mimosa, French 75 etc – Allan Mugerwa – Mixologist / Bartender at Eataly At The Beach JBR

For me the old Cuban is the best. And French 75 too. – – Khalil Abu Yahya – Bartender


Mimosa- Chrysa Gravani – Bartender at COSTA NAVARINO

Aperol Spritz! – Vasilis Vasiliou – Bartender at Noēma – Athens


Aperol Spritz and Hugo Spritz. Thanks a lot. I wish you the best for your article. Take care of yourself – Mert Can Ozturk – Bartender / Flair Bartender – Istanbul


If it’s classic, I’ll go with Mimosa. Alternatively, we also make Sparkling Bahama as our signature cocktail, which features homemade tropical vermouth and is topped off with sparkling wine – Manish Phatak – Bartender – Bombay


Hugo Spritz. Elderflower liqueur 45 ml, Sparkling wine 90 ml, Soda 30 ml, Mint leaves and lime – Surendra (Suraj) Singh – The terrace of Senior Bartender Hugo

Abu Dhabi

Aperol Spritzer – Nuwan Nishanda Irasinghe – Head Bartender / Mixologist


Hi Oliver. It will be a pleasure. I write for you in this order the 3 popular sparkling wine cocktails I have made in my life as a bartender: 1. Spritzes, 2. Negroni Sbagliato, 3. Kir Royal – Gianluca Massa – Head Bartender presso il Bio Bar del RistorArte Vegetariano e Vegano Il Margutta – Rome

Saudi Arabia

French 75 – Kadek Buderasa – Bartender by Michelangelo Mamo


Yes of course. The best of them in my opinion are Blini and Mimosa🥂 – Abderahim Belyout – Bartender

the United States of America

Hi Oliver. I will be grateful to answer. So the most popular I would say the champagne cocktail – Alessandro Bacco – Bartender – Miami, Florida


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