Are you traveling to Goa this summer? Don’t miss this popular seasonal local drink


Goans and evangelists will tell you that there is a way to drink urrak: mix it with Limca (or Taan), add salt, a squeeze of lime and a split green chilli.

A recent tweet from a fellow Goan underscored what I had seen before: influencers had discovered Urrak. It was suddenly a hot topic: there were videos and photos of the drink on social media, curated lists, tutorials on how to drink it, and more. The constant migration of people to Goa during the pandemic has changed the way the state is perceived as people are in search of different aspects of Goan life. It was only a matter of time before urrak found center stage.

This season, many restaurants and bars in Goa have added urrak cocktails to their menu, in addition to serving them plain. These cocktails use ingredients like bimbli (tree sorrel), kokum, coconut and fruit juices, combine the distillate with beer or gin and use it to replace other spirits in cocktails classics.

Does Urrak need these experiences to stand out? It’s not, but for many these cocktails could be a great introduction to a drink that has played such a big part in Goan life. Here is where you can get exceptional urrak drinks, with or without Limca, in Goa.

Black Market/Black Sheep Bistro

Each summer, the restaurant‘s signature feni drinks, Theek Mirsang and Jig Jig Ale, get a makeover. Theek Mirsang pairs urrak with jalapeno, pineapple and a salt rim; and Jig Jig Ale with ginger, chilli and lime. This year they have two new cocktails: Downer has urrak, vodka, pineapple and lime; and the White Lady has urrak, vodka, fresh coconut cream and basil salt.

In Panjim. Call 9325023565. Website

Carlito by the sea


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