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My friend Robin Norville Pearson and I have been wanting to meet for lunch for some time. So when Jeff Bobo suggested I go to Amis Mill, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a girls’ day out.

Sure, the weather has been ominous and schools are closed, but the roads were clear from Food City to Friends Mill. However, Robin has done very well the other way around.

We arrived simultaneously and met Randy Ball who was finishing a photo shoot with his clients and they posed for me.

As I said, the school was closed and child labor laws were not enforced. Everything was on deck with the little helpers. Also lots of playing time. They really seemed to step into their role as waiters and it was a pleasure to take pictures of them.

Their mother sat us down and brought us menus but we immediately opted for the tomato bisque despite Mr. Bobo’s suggestion of a pot of okra. She brought a basket of delicious flatbread and I dug into this savory delight.

Robin and I engaged in girly conversation while deciding what else to order. I had the Caesar (romaine with pecorino cheese and croutons tossed in a homemade Caesar dressing) with salmon and sweet tea which I’m happy to report was perfect for me and my taste so I filled it up and took it home.

Robin grilled the 8oz salmon fillet topped with a white wine piccata sauce served on a bed of capellini pasta and broccoli. Plus a takeout order of a po boy catfish sandwich for her daughter.

Everything was absolutely amazing and we enjoyed the ambiance. I had never eaten indoors before because I enjoy the closer to shitty outdoor experience, but it wasn’t exactly outdoor weather this time around. The interior is cozy and cool and lots of fun.

The relaxed home environment was very laid back and informal so we enjoyed a leisurely meal while more girly chat ensued allowing us to chat in person instead of online as usual.

Earlier that morning she said I was procrastinating when she texted me at 10:30 a.m. thinking it would take me hours to get ready. Our lunch didn’t happen until 1pm, so Robin must think I’m asking for a lot of talk, but I tricked her and sent a pic when I was done in no time.

And I had arrived early but I wish I had arrived earlier to see Randy Ball in action so I could have turned it around and photographed him taking his client’s pictures. I’m sure that would have been interesting.

A few other staff came in and I took more photos and saw how much fun they were having at work looking stylish and fashionable.

I have eaten at Amis Mill several times and have always been pleased with my selections. The fried green tomatoes are amazing and Kam said it was his grandma’s recipe.

He seems to have inherited the magic touch. A huge mortar and pestle was brought in so I’m expecting great pesto and guacamole in the future, which I’m looking forward to. The blackened trout served on a bed of rice is my favorite followed by chicken parmesan or smothered chicken but I like to try everything on the menu.

It’s a wonderful place to eat, then walk around the gardens and check it out. I actually planned to soak my feet in the spring, but I couldn’t convince Robin to go, so I painted my nails for nothing. I will go back and do it another time. Once you’ve been to Friends Mill, you definitely want to go back again and again.

If you haven’t come yet, do so. It is a unique place that you absolutely have to see in this district. There is something very special and magical about it. Every time I go it’s a completely different experience and I highly recommend it to everyone.


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