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The video of “fire golgappa” from a restaurant in Ahmedabad left people angry.

There are many who have an unwavering love for golgappa. They can eat this street food at any season or time of day. This is probably the reason why when there are videos shared on the internet that show people experimenting with this dish, then those clips – more often than not – leave people upset. Just like this video showing a dish from a restaurant in Ahmedabad – “fire golgappa”.

The video is shared on the Instagram page called foodiekru, managed by food blogger Krupali Patel. “Okay goodbye. Fire Panipuri, in Ahmedabad,” she wrote when posting the video. The clip shows an individual holding a flaming golgappa and then putting it in the food blogger’s mouth.

Take a look at the post:


The video, since its publication, has garnered various questions and comments from people. Just like that person who asked, “Are you okay?” To which Patel replied, “Yeah, I am… that sounds scary but it actually wasn’t.” A few also asked for the exact address of the place.

“What!” wrote one Instagram user. “Sounds awful,” shared another.

What do you think of “fire golgappa”? Want to try a piece?

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