A cooking gas cylinder explodes in a restaurant in Pune, with no casualties


A cooking gas cylinder exploded and caused severe damage at a restaurant in Pune’s Gawali Wada district on Tuesday morning, officials said. Pune firefighters deployed four firefighters to bring the blaze under control as it began to spread to the upper floor. No casualties were reported, officials said.

According to information provided by the Pune Fire Department control room officials, they received a call around 7:10 a.m. regarding the fire of a mess hall located on the ground floor of the building in the central part of Pune.

Fire officer Prashant Gaykar said: ‘The fire had intensified by the time we arrived and started spreading to the upper floor. We extinguished the fire in 20 minutes then proceeded to the cooling operation to avoid any secondary fire. There were cooking gas cylinders in the kitchen of the restaurant. One had exploded and we managed to eliminate four others. There were containers filled with cooking oil which we also took out. The restaurant suffered serious damage.

Fire officer Gaykar added: “Because we removed the remaining gas cylinder and oil containers, we were able to prevent further serious damage and damage to nearby houses. The restaurant was locked and residents of the house upstairs managed to get out in time before we arrived so no casualties were reported in the fire initial sightings suggest the fire may have started due to a short in wiring or electrical equipment.


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