8 Best Cozy Bars in Calgary to Grab a Drink This Season


The best cozy bars in Calgary are the ones that make you feel welcome, feel intimate, and have a warm vibe, whether from cozy spaces, friendly faces, or things like fireplaces.

A cozy coffee is always nice, but sometimes you might be looking for something a little stronger.

As the weather turns colder, we are increasingly looking for comfortable, cozy and warm places to hole up and have a drink or two.

Great cocktails, great food, and great company – no need to turn on the fireplace channel, we’ve got you covered right here in Calgary.

Here are some of the best cozy bars in Calgary to warm you up this time of year.


One of the best bars in Canada is also one of the coziest.

The dimly lit cocktail bar has comfy bar seating with chairs, couch booths in the bar, and lamps and wooden bar ladders that make the whole space cozy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s always busy or right in the heart of the city. Proof is one of Calgary’s best cozy bars.

Address: 1302 1st Street SW, Calgary


free house

Free House offers customers a casual atmosphere with a large selection of beers (24 rotating taps) as well as a menu “focused on North American cuisine”.

It’s the comforting bar food, movies on TV and friendly service that make this one of the coziest places in the Kensington community.

Address: 1153 Kensington Crescent Northwest, Calgary


Tavern of Leopold

Leopold’s Tavern might be quite a loud and lively party-style bar, but most of the time it’s just a neighborhood pub with a cozy vibe.

It’s dark, the food is comforting, and every table and booth feels secluded, making it cozy.

Address: 1201 1st Street SW, Calgary – Beltline

Address: 302 Sage Valley Common NW, Calgary – Sage Hill

Address: 6512 Bowness Road NW, Calgary – Bowness



Customers can sit down, order whatever they want from the bar, and enjoy the night however they wish. Pay at the bar, start a tab, and order drinks and food with the freedom to go as you please.

It’s dark, it’s quiet, it’s fun, and it’s cozy.

Address: 348A 14th Avenue SW, Calgary


The Wednesday room

This is a chic Stephen Avenue cocktail bar with a 1960s vibe. There are side rooms, each offering a cozier experience than the next. Book a room for an intimate evening with a group or just come here for a cozy date with fantastic food.

Address: 100-118 8th Avenue SW, Calgary


Kensington Wine Bar

Take a seat in this cozy spot where you can make rosé all day or mix and try Moscatos, Merlots or Malbecs. Also in the house are pinots, savs de taxi, chardonnays and a Bordeaux blend, as well as many others.

It is strongly recommended that you create your charcuterie board to accompany your glass of vino.

Address: 1131 Kensington Road NW, Calgary


The living room

True to its name, it’s our city’s cozy living space where you can relax by the fire, sip irresistible cocktails and warm your stomach with a six-year-old white cheddar cheese fondue.

Address: 514 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Frenchie wine bar

As if fondue and wine weren’t cozy enough, this hidden spot is long, dark, and decorated with intimate booths and tables lit with warm lights at every turn.

This is one of Calgary’s coziest (and newest) restaurants.

Address: 616 17th Avenue SW, Calgary (behind Una Pizza)


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