7 Leaves Café & Crema Bakery join forces for OC Eatery


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – Two popular local businesses, 7 Leaves Café, known for its exotic teas, coffees and macaroons, and Crema Bakery, with a local fan following for its baked goods, are teaming up to open a new restaurant in July in Valley of the Fountain.

The quick and casual cafe, ARTISAN, “will be reminiscent of a good Parisian bakery,” with a display of fresh breads and pastries, as well as a chef-led menu, according to management.

“With the ARTISAN concept, we want to take the trust and sense of community we have built over the past decade to the next level with a high offering that delves deeper into the customer experience,” said Sonny Nguyen, co-founder of 7 Leaves, which started in 2011 with a small store and now has 25 locations, most across California.

The new ARTISAN, at 10065 Garfield Ave, will be 3,000 square feet in size, with European-style decor that’s relaxed and inviting, company officials said. A grand opening on July 24 is scheduled and, until then, drive-thru is operating with limited offers.

The restaurant’s culinary team, led by Crema Bakery and Executive Chef Chad Urata, plans an “anytime brunch-focused” menu with dishes such as a “perfect” omelet, Parisian Eggs Benedict, toast to avocado, bacon and egg sandwiches, and chicken mochiko sandwiches. Fresh baked goods will include a variety of breads, croissants, cookies, macaroons and the “Artisan Croffle” – a specialty of Crema Bakery.

“Although all of our baked goods are handcrafted using the finest ingredients, the most important being time – our exceptional offer is without a doubt the Artisan Croffle, ”said Tarit Tanjasiri, founder and owner of Crema Bakery, adding:“ This is unlike anything you have ever had.

“Croffle is a croissants and waffle rack, since we take our signature croissant dough and bake it in a waffle iron, rather than in the oven to create a truly unique item that is crispy, flaky and buttery all at the same time,” a Tanjasiri said. , which opened its small Crema Café on Main Street in Seal Beach in 2006, before expanding into the Crema Artisan Bakers wholesale division.

Crema’s fresh produce can now be found in many of the region’s finest restaurants, as well as at the Orange Farmer’s Market.

ARTISAN will leverage 7 Leaves’ beverage expertise with a basic tea menu, unique to the brand, including green and red Thai tea. The menu will also include barista-created coffees and espressos such as black coffee with sea cream and a vanilla and honey latte, as well as 7 leaf tea lovers’ favorites, cream jasmine from sea, Japanese matcha, summer mint, sunset passion and strawberry hibiscus.

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