5 foodie festivals to celebrate in May, from Mexican cuisine to seafood


By Megan Prevost

May brings welcome thoughts of summer menus and warmer outdoor dining. For restaurateurs, it’s time to start thinking about all the different ways you can market and advertise your restaurant for the month. May is a month filled with foodie holidays, with Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day for those in the US the biggest celebrations. But there are plenty of more specific holidays you should also consider marking.

This unique foodie vacation not only provides an opportunity for marketing campaigns, but also the introduction of exciting new menu options. By advertising this holiday, you can attract both returning customers and new customers! Returning customers will be drawn to options they’ve never tried before, and new customers may be intrigued enough by these options to give you a try for the first time.

One month vacation

While there are many options for daily food holidays, May is also:

  • national beef month
  • National BBQ Month
  • National Loaded Potato Month
  • National Egg Month
  • National Burger Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • National Salsa Month

If you’d rather celebrate all month, choose the holiday that best suits your bar or restaurant and go from there! Run social media campaigns, post flyers, and let all your customers know about the exciting promotions you’ll be running throughout the month. If you prefer to focus on the other May holidays, choose one of these holidays instead!

May 5: National Enchilada Day

The famous Cinco de Mayo is a perfect opportunity to add a Mexican touch to your restaurant and often features celebrations with margaritas and other Mexican dishes. If you want to highlight a specific food this Cinco de Mayo, you might as well choose the enchiladas in the spirit of National Enchilada Day!

May 9: National Shrimp Day

If you own a seafood restaurant (or any other type of restaurant that serves shrimp), this is the one for you! Use this day to showcase new and old shrimp dishes, offering discounts or special offers to those who choose to celebrate with you! Choose to create a new dish or even a shrimp flight in honor of this truly exciting holiday.

May 13: National Apple Pie Day

Everyone loves apple pie, so you’ll definitely have success presenting this delicious dessert on May 13! If you don’t have an apple pie on the menu yet, now is the time to make one! If you do, it might be time to revamp your recipe or offer perks like a free slice with the purchase of a main dish.

May 16: National Barbecue Day

Not only is May National BBQ Month, but BBQ also has its own day, May 16th! Whether you are a barbecue restaurant or a restaurant with a few barbecue options, this is your time to shine. A great way to celebrate is to offer buy-one-for-one BBQ entrees or a special discount for those who show your National BBQ Day social media post before ordering!

May 25: National Wine Day

Not every “foodie” vacation has to be about food. In May you can also celebrate delicious drinks. Good options for National Wine Day on May 25 include deals on wine flights, full bottles, and glasses. You can even feature a specific type of wine or a specific flight that day.

Celebrate gastronomy in May

A month filled with foodie holidays, there are so many ways to market and celebrate food throughout the month. Choose your favorite dish and celebrate any way you want, whether it’s offering a discount, trying new dishes, or showcasing an old one. Make this holiday yours and use it to draw a crowd.

Happy May!

Megan Prevost is a writer for RestoBiz and marketing content writer for MustHaveMenus. His work has also appeared in App Institute, Bar Business, Modern Restaurant Management, Small Business Currents, PMQ, FSR, The Daily Fandom, and FanSided.

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