4 cocktails from this Goa resto bar can keep your spirits up


For thalassophiles, Goa is heaven on earth. The resilience of the place to retain its rustic charm in various pockets adds to its laid-back vibe. Goa has not given in to urbanization, and perhaps many travelers from all over the world still come to relax. Often a cabana or restaurant overlooking the beach and azure sea is the preference of most visitors. To win their hearts, hospitality players here go the extra mile. A perfect venue, complementary decor, finger-licking food, music for the soul and an assortment of exotic cocktails, make Olive Bar & Kitchen, Vagator Goa a top destination.

I had heard of rave reviews about this place. Especially its meze platter and signature drinks. So I decided to give it a shot on my last visit. I was struck as soon as I entered this place which reminded me of similarities with Santorini. Resting in a cliffside recess with a view of Vagator Beach, this place settles into its beautiful spot in the sun. This is the right place to relax, dine and be mesmerized in this breezy, slightly sunny and quiet location. The decor has a dominance of white and light blue. And it is used on walls, rattan furniture and upholstery.

Living room area, image credit: olivebarandkitchen.com

After touring the dining room, I settled for a table in the breezy outdoor area. If you want to make the most of this place, come from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can watch the sun bid farewell to the day and set over the horizon leaving a crimson hue in the sky. Simultaneously, Olive lights up with fancy lamps and fairy lights and transforms into a dreamlike world.

Its wooden bar is strategically located in the center and its artisanal cocktails capture maximum attendance. Although I’m not a heavy drinker, the Signature OG cocktails sounded tempting. Humble Chef Evan walked me through the heady drinks and most requested edibles on the menu. And I embarked on my adventure to explore four cocktails to keep my spirits up.

raspberry sorbet

Raspberry sorbet

I’ve been told that this bar’s G&T Sorbet is the biggest boondoggle. To make the cocktail, the Beefeater gun is shaken with lime and elderflower syrup and poured over a favorite sorbet flavor. We have three options strawberry, raspberry and coconut. I continued with the raspberry. For light drinkers, it may feel a bit strong in the first sips, but later it builds on you, and the tangy, tangy, sweet, strong taste is stimulating.

Garden of Eden

The taste of this exotic cocktail justifies its name. This gin drink has an infusion of lemongrass and ginger, adding a tangy taste. Then it is shaken with lemon juice and lychee puree. A few drops of basil oil go on top. If you want a refreshing experience, try this.

Olive Coconut Cooler

Coconut cooler, Image source: Olive Goa

Served in a tender coconut shell, it’s a must for those who love tropical drinks. It’s a perfect concoction of fresh coconut water, jasmine tea, passion fruit syrup and a healthy amount of premium vodka.

watermelon wowzer

Watermelon Wowzer, Image source: Olive Goa

As much as the name rings in your ears, the sight of it fills your eyes with wonder. Served in a hollowed out watermelon shell, this cocktail is made with chunks of fresh watermelon, pomegranate juice and lemon juice and mixed with a generous amount of dark rum and grenadine.

My favorite is the raspberry sorbet. Share which one you would like to try.


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