29% think this abandoned alcoholic drink needs to make a comeback


The drinks that received the fewest votes were the ones that never really had their day – infused with agave Tequiza beer (Going through Pair of vines) was missed by less than 7% of those surveyed, while only around 8.5% wanted to see Miller Chill in Lime and Salt (via Milwaukee Business Journal) return to store shelves. 16% of our respondents were probably happy when Zima made a brief comeback a few years ago, and they would love to see it come back for a third go around. The Zima-esque Skyy Blue was even more popular – the 19% of those surveyed awaiting its return should be delighted to know it is still alive and well south of the border., so prepare your passports (Going through Walmart Mexico). As for the nearly 20% of respondents who would like to take charge of their lives by blowing the Four Loko of the early 2000s, we are a little worried.

However, the title of the drink most deserving of a second chance is – ta da! –- Bacardi Breezer. 29% of the 590 people questioned want it back. While this beloved ’90s alcopop has long since disappeared from the US market, Bacardi released a modernized Breezer in trendy new flavors like blood orange ginger and lemony elderflower in the UK a few years ago. years (via Drinks Retailing News). Hoping Breezer 2.0 is successful enough that they decide to try to market it on this side of the pond as well.

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