225 Central Forces companies to deploy, 95 sensitive headquarters: UP Police


Uttar Pradesh police said on Sunday that the central government had approved the deployment of 225 Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) companies for state elections which will begin on February 10. The first 150 companies will start arriving from Monday before moving to their assigned districts while the rest will arrive after January 20.

State police also said they had identified 95 “sensitive” assembly seats where extra precautions would be taken, and added that there were 29,138 critical voting booths. Additional forces will be stationed in the constituencies of the districts of Chandauli, Sonbhadra and Mirzapur where Maoists are said to be present.

Additional Director General (ADG, Law and Order) Prashant Kumar said instructions had been given to the police to follow the guidelines of the Election Commission since the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) entered into force. with the announcement of the polling schedule on Saturday. . The police set up an election control room to communicate with the electoral body.

Kumar said the physical verification of all voting booths has been completed and preparations for managing crowds in the voting booths are underway. Each state police station would keep a register of election-related details, he added.

To prevent incarcerated criminals from trying to influence the elections, police installed 2,676 CCTV cameras and 271 jammers in various prisons. The police and the state prison service are also preparing a list of criminals who may try to influence the elections. Police had identified 869 criminals in various prisons for close surveillance, Kumar said, adding that they had also compiled a list of 16,237 “troublemakers.”

The ADG (Law and Order) said 107 international barriers and 469 interstate barriers have been put in place to prevent criminals from other states and countries from entering Uttar Pradesh. These barriers are monitored 24 hours a day, including using CCTV, police said.

Due to telephone network problems, the police decided to use satellite phones in 456 polling stations in 11 districts. They will use boats and tractors to reach the stands located in places with little connection. The police also decided to use drone cameras, video cameras, portable CCTV cameras, river boats during the polls. The C-Plan and UPCOP applications will be used to communicate with the public.

Police claimed that since September 30, they had seized more than 7,000 illegal weapons, destroyed 58 factories manufacturing domestically-made firearms, registered 5,399 cases under the gun law and arrested more than 5 000 people linked to these cases. They also claimed to have acted on 58,650 non-discharge mandates.

During this campaign, seven Lakh people were asked to submit peace bonds, while more than three licensed Lakh weapons were seized for allegedly violating the standards. Police said instructions had been issued to conduct checks at stores licensed to sell firearms.

The ADG said that during this period, the police and the excise department opened 31 outposts at national and international borders to prevent the transport of illicit alcohol. Police said more than five lakh liters of illicit alcohol were seized during this period, while 1,451 falsified alcohol manufacturing units were dismantled. Authorities have registered 20,262 cases under the excise law in recent months while more than 21,000 defendants have been arrested in connection with the cases, police added.

Kumar said police have decided to complete the Covid-19 inoculation of all police personnel as a priority. Anti-Covid kits containing masks, disinfectants and other items would be provided to staff on election missions, ADG said, adding that doses of the booster vaccine would also be provided to them on government instruction.


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