10 new venues open in Milwaukee this year


After a year of virtual tours of monuments, cultural attractions and concert halls on Zoom, it’s a treat to enter buildings worthy of a wow. Hosted and organized by Historic Milwaukee, Inc., 70’s Doors Open locations in Milwaukee are free, with no tickets or reservations required. Additional online tours are available from September 25 to October 3. Note that masks are mandatory due to current COVID-19 policies and some require vaccination (listed on the event website).

To prepare your itinerary, print or download on your smartphone this PDF of sites, which lists the addresses and times for each. Some are only open on one of the two days, and all hours are not the same.

From the farm to the climbing gym, here are 10 new sites this year.

1. Adventure Rock WKP

613 S. 2ND STREET.

In 2020, this climbing gym’s third location (others are in Brookfield and Brewers Hill in Milwaukee) transformed the former Milwaukee Brewing Company into a vibrant 15,000 square foot space dominated by jagged boulders, with Johnson Schmaling Architects guiding the design.

Saturday: 10 am-5pm, Sunday: 10 am-5pm

Adventure Rock at Walker’s Point; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee

2. Adams Garden Park


The restoration of a vacant building in this “green” center promoting environmentally friendly jobs and conservation efforts by providing offices for these groups as well as a co-working space for the citizens concerned began in 2020 .

Saturday: 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Adams Garden Park; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee

3. Collaborative farm


The mission of the North Side Farm is to teach others how to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as raise animals, in an urban setting, with a kitchen, cafe and research space, on the old site. Growing Power led by MacArthur Genius Fellowship winner Will Allen.

Saturday: 10 am-5pm, Sunday: 10 am-5pm

Collaborative farm; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee

4. Dead Bird Brewing Co.

1726 N. 5TH ST.

Though founded in 2015, Wisconsin’s only vegan brewery opened in its current location in late 2019, with Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling and a raw, industrial vibe in a former warehouse.

Saturday: 12 p.m.-5 p.m., Sunday: 12 p.m.-4 p.m.

Brewery of dead birds; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee



Home to the new location of the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (earlier this year), this creative hangout features a FOMA art gallery, café and wine bar, artists’ market and studio. innovation.

Saturday: 10 am-5pm, Sunday: 10 am-5pm

PLE MARN ART + CULTURE; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee

6. Milwaukee Academy of Robotics


Fostering a place where young people can dive deep into STEM careers, Riverwest Academy hosts free summer workshops and year-round robotics programming, often an expensive endeavor.

Saturday: 10 am-5pm, Sunday: 10 am-5pm

7. Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Bradley Symphony Center


MSO’s long-awaited new home inside the former Warner Grand Theater features a 1,650-seat theater, merging modern acoustics with a 1930s aesthetic, directed by Kahler Slater Architects.

Sunday: 10 am-5pm

the Bradley Symphony Center of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee

8. Oriental theater


Fresh out of its last restoration, this 1927 East Side cinema – home to the Milwaukee Film Festival – features Moorish, Islamic and Byzantine architectural elements.

Saturday: 12 p.m.-5 p.m., Sunday: 12 p.m.-5 p.m.

Oriental theater; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee

9. Rozga Family South Side Colony Museum

707 LINCOLN Avenue West.

The first immigrants to the south side of Milwaukee were from Poland and in recent years are Latinos. This museum merges the stories of the two groups through exhibits, including a miniature version of the popular Polish apartment, common accommodation during the Great Depression.

Saturday: 10 am-3pm

ten. Washington Park Urban Ecology Center

1859 N. 40TH ST.

In the 135-acre park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, this outpost of the premier urban ecology center (in Riverside Park on the east side of Milwaukee) trains children (and adults) in science and conservation at through a 560 gallon aquarium, workshops, hikes and more, with canoeing in the summer and skating in the winter.

Saturday: 10 am-3pm, Sunday: 10 am-1pm

Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park; Photo via Doors Open Milwaukee




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