Kitchen-Home Decoration

July 16, 2014

Most of the homes have a corner which is somehow strange, in that corner you can fit a chair as it’s that small and it’s too big to be left empty if that corner is empty your room starts appearing a lot more empty than it really is, if you or any of your friend has that corner by now it would be right there in your conscious and you would be saying to yourself that yes it actually is very weird, if this is the case with you or any of your friend it’s high time to solve the strange corner problem, you can simply fill out that strange space by adding some shelves to it and then you will have some extra space for some storage and   it will also help decorate your room. 

Let’s not move towards the complex zone just now and start with something which is simple, you can use some planks made up of wood as you can install them without any hassle and then you can use can use them as racks, this would come into your budget and you installing the planks won’t even take much of your time, now this sounds like a cool start to the article.

If you are into crafting things then use your talent and invest in that strange corner by creating a masterpiece of your own using wood, like this later on you will be able to show off your skills as well and if you really love making things out of wood you will love working on that strange corner, the corner is strange right now and later on it would an art, think about it, if you like the Scandinavian style then you can leave your art unfinished and if you like colors then you can paint it.

You can use wood pieces which are in a triangle shape to construct some shelves for that awkward corner, it will not only give you an opportunity to style your room but will also fill that empty space.

If your awkward corner is somewhere in between the walkway then your luck is very bad my mate, this is the worst case of all as you can not even think of putting a chair or a nice table over there as it is between the walkway but instead you can trim some shelves and then install them in that corner. 

Floating shelves to have a modern version, you do not need to be old school all the time you can simply install your pretty shelves at an even distance and once you place them at an even distance you will be naturally creating tiny crannies and nooks.

If you have that awkwardly stranger corner in your kitchen then you must use the opportunity by installing open shelves, come on each and every one of use requires extra storage in the kitchen no matter how much storage space we have in the kitchen we always fall short of it and open shelves look amazingly beautiful in the kitchen.

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