Keto Diet

February 20, 2014

Keto diet is popularly known as ketogenic, high fat and low carb diet, our body produces ketones in our liver which then our body uses as energy. 

Whenever we eat any product which is rich in carbs our body start producing insulin and glucose, insulin is there to help the glucose travel in our body through bloodstream and glucose is that molecule which is easily converted into energy by our body. 

Our body tends to choose glucose over any other molecule and that’s why our fats are not required and as they are not required our body stores them when our body chooses glucose as the primary source of  energy our body reduces the intake of any type of carbs and because of this very fact we are induced into ketosis state, ketosis helps us survive when we do not eat much, for instance, you get up late in the morning eat an apple and then leave for college and on that very day you have six back to back classes you do not get to eat all day long and you still survive, how? You survive, you do not get very much tired as your body uses the stored fat and converts that fat into energy. 

The ultimate goal of a low carb diet is to force our body into a metabolic state, now that we know what a keto diet is let’s know about its benefits too 


  1. It pretty well helps us in losing weight as it drops the level of insulin in our body.
  2. It helps in controlling your level of sugar in your blood; keto is the best diet for people who have diabetes  
  3. It works as a fuel for our brain and that’s why it increases the performance
  4. It makes you feel energized throughout the day and makes you feel full, keto diet equals to the satisfaction
  5. It not only helps people who have diabetes but also helps people who have a blood pressure problem and cholesterol issues
  6. Unmanaged insulin results in diabetes, keto diet helps in reducing the level of insulin in our body
  7. Keto diet even reduces acne, no acne equals to nicer skin and who in this world does not want a face free of acne, the entire generation is facing the acne problem

So many benefits but did I tell you what you should eat when you are on a keto diet what you should not eat when you’re on a keto diet, I did not I guess, let me tell you that now you’re not allowed to eat wheat, apples, honey, cereals, yams, potatoes, corn, oranges, bananas, and rice but what you should eat is a lot of fish, eggs, spinach, sunflower seeds, broccoli, blackberries, walnuts, butter, kale, beef, hard cheese, monk fruit, saturated fats, and raspberries. 

When you’re on a keto diet you would require about twenty to thirty percent of carbs do not forget to eat a lot of vegetables like cauliflower, beans, cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli. 

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