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November 16, 2013

Go color them

Pick your favorite color or the one which goes with your room’s wall’s color and then take a paint brush and starts painting the exposed not so pretty pipes to make them outshine, the paint won’t only give a finish to your room but would also make sure that they look like as if they are a part of your room. 

Use the beauty of a bamboo 

for this you will have to go to the market then find the right size of a bamboo and then purchase it bring it home and then at the back of the bamboo cut a slit after cutting a slit use it to cover the pipes and if you are planning to go for a stouter then you can simply disguise it a pillar 


If there are pipes made up of copper crawling right up on the wall then use the opportunity and convert them into a tree by cutting some leaves out (of course not the real leaves but the ones you’re going to cut out of a flat sheet of metal) once you’re done making the leaves you can simply solder the leaves onto your pipes and once you’re done soldering you will have a beautiful tree in your room. 


Do you know how needles are used? if you know you can make a nice cover for your pipes, for instance, you can make a scarf and then wrap it around your pipes, it would bring a nice accent to your room and the best thing about it is that you will be able to change whenever you wish to. 

A shelf

No, you do not need to make that confused face, you can disguise your pipes to look as if they are supporting your shelves, all you need to do for this disguise is that you need to add some brackets to your pipes, now the number of shelves depends on you and the requirement, this not only would help you decorate your room but would also create some space where you can store your things. 

Use some tape

You can simply tape your pipes, finishing tapes are easily available in the market if you do not wish to use the tapes then you can simply use stripes and if you’re using stripes then use the one which has a bright color so that the pipes can create their own identity in your room and can outshine easily, while taping please take your time do not tape your pipes when you’re in a hurry because the result needs to be a smooth finish  

Try hanging stuff

if your pipes look like some snakes then embrace them in that way only, simply hang some stuff on your pipe, do not go overboard by adding way too heavy stuff, add fairly light or something else to increase the attractiveness of your room.  

It all depends on how creative you can be, just think what you can do with the pipes, after all, they are the part of your room if you can’t do anything them then do something with your room 

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