Cake Batter Fudge 

December 10, 2013

This recipe won’t take much of your time and would satisfy all your cravings, this recipe in particular only requires ten minutes and requires no baking; this sweet treat is going to be super creamy and irresistible as well. 

The batter accents make sure that the taste is super chocolaty and sweet, each and every bite of this cake would smoothly melt in your mouth because of the creamy and velvety texture. To make this cake all you need to do is commit ten minutes, though to get ready it would definitely take a few hours as there is no baking required; freezing takes the place of baking here. 

Enough of taking let’s see how we can make batter fudge 

For making the fudge we would require some butter, condensed milk, a saucepan and some white chocolate. 


  • Add all the ingredients into your saucepan and then place the saucepan on your stove, turn your stove on, set the level of heat at medium and allow the chocolate to melt.
  • Once the chocolate melts, take a bowl and add cake milk to it and after adding the cake milk add vanilla after adding vanilla whisk,
  • After whisking add the mixture to the sauce pan, keep stirring once bubbles start to appear on the surface turn off the flames, before turning the stove off make sure that the cake mix has dissolved properly,
  • If the cake mix won’t be properly dissolved the fudge won’t get thick later on, now let’s move towards the last step this step is my personal favorite not because it’s the last step but because it is full of colors, yes you guessed it right I’m talking about the sprinkles,
  • It is time you add a half cup of sprinkles to the pand and half into the mixture which is in the saucepan, you would require a cake pan ( Square one, eight inches) why? Because with the help of a square pan you will be able to make thick pieces, once done with everything place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. 

Enough of the recipe let’s know about some fun facts 

You can use green and red colored sprinkles if you are making it during Christmas, blue, red and white colored sprinkles if its memorial day, during Halloween you can use orange and black colored sprinkles and my favorite is when it’s mother day or father’s day I use my mom’s favorite color when it’s her birthday or when it’s mother days 

Regardless of anything this recipe allows us to play with the colors and colors bring happiness, and who does not love being happy, if there is something missing in this recipe do let us know by commenting down in the comment section, if you wish to suggest us something then feel free too and if you have some other color scheme for this recipe using the sprinklers then enlighten us, other than all this we love appreciation as well so feel free to let us know if we are working wonderfully 

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