Are electric smokers good for the environment?

December 19, 2018

Nowadays barbecuing and smoking meat is a big part of many cuisines all over the world. With the advancement in science, new methods have evolved over the year. Electric smokers have been made as eco-friendly barbecuing method which uses electricity to generate smoke in order to maintain a constant internal temperature which is essential for cooking the food evenly and electric smokers are much friendlier to the environment as compared to traditional smokers which uses wood in order to smoke the heat and they are responsible for pollution as burning wood contributes to air pollution. Choosing the best electric smoker is very important, so it is advised that you check out this review by Bhavna on Solidgoldeats. The biggest advantage of the electric smokers is that the unit will control the temperature automatically.

Are electric smokers good for the environment
Are electric smokers good for the environment

They are designed in such a way that they are convenient and easy to use even for the beginners. Once, the smoker is set it does not require monitoring likewise in the traditional charcoal smokers. The temperature can be set to vary between a few tens of degrees Celsius to few hundreds and it can be used to cook all kinds of food. Several laws have been amended which restricts the Co2 emissions above a certain level. Charcoal burning releases particulate matter which affects the health. Thus, keeping all these things in mind people are opting for electric smokers rather than wood smokers which were used in the past. As electric smokers use electricity to generate smoke thus it is believed that they are totally eco-friendly and does not contribute to air pollution and they can be considered as the future of green barbecuing.

Electric smokers do have their limitations up to some extent. They are no CO emissions with the use of electric smokers, but they cook the meat slowly and take much longer time as compared to the traditional smoking methods. An electric smoker uses electricity and ends up releasing the greenhouse gases in the environment. Greenhouse gases or GHGs are one of the leading causes of the global warming and these gases have negative consequences on the environment which is totally dependent upon how the electricity is being produced for the working of the electric smokers.

If the electricity is produced by the conventional method which includes methods like the burning of fossil fuels then the electric smoker would leave a considerable amount of greenhouse gases. In this case, the gas or charcoal smoker is the better choice. From this, it is clear that those electric smokers which run on conventional methods of energy production are much worse to the environment than the charcoal ones.

If solar hydroelectricity or wind-power electricity generation methods are used for powering electric smokers than they are totally eco-friendly and do not have any negative effect on the environment. More advanced techniques have been incorporated and these electric smokers are programmed in such a way that they conserve electricity eventually their cost might be very high.

When it comes to eco-friendly electric smokers than the best bet would be to opt for the ones which are optimized to run on non-conventional sources of energy. Then only it would be pollution-free and will cost much lesser than the normal electric smoker. An electric smoker does not need constant supervision in comparison with the traditional smoking methods which uses charcoal and in which we have to keep monitoring if the process is not interrupted by the depletion of fuel and this does not apply to the electric smokers as they work on electricity. Since the electric smoker does not require charcoal or other wood products to grill food thus they are easy to use and clean.

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